Mighty Registration

MightyRegistration is a tool extending user registration form and not only. Integrated with other Mighty Extensions components MightyRegistration becomes an indispensible user manager and marketing tool.

See Why MightyRegistration Is A Must-Have Component For You!

Why would you need to extend your user registration form? What would you use collected information for? Do you really need it?

The answer is simple. If your website is based on registered users and you care about their opinions and loyalty you need to know more about them. And you need MightyRegistration to make this task easy and straightforward.

MightyRegistration is very simple to use but very flexible. See what it can do:

Features Highlights

  • Extend user registration form with an unlimited number of predefined and custom fields like check boxes, radio buttons, list boxes and text boxes
  • Create customized form layouts
  • Define field categories by grouping selected fields
  • Filter page information based on fields
  • Define rules for validating field data
  • Edit all user information on the same page
  • Include static pages such as Terms and Conditions
  • Define ‘register only’ fields that are displayed in the registration form but are invisible in profile editing form
  • Validate registration form data and allow user to make corrections if required
  • Notify administrator about user registration
  • Export analysis report data to Microsoft Excel
  • View list of users through front-end GUI
  • Create and view simple user profiles
  • Support for avatars
  • Users can delete their profiles from the website

Other Components Integrations


  • Show avatar in articles
  • Show avatar in comments


  • Send newsletters only to certain users with matching values of extended fields
  • Send newsletters only to users with approved e-mail addresses


  • Show avatar in profile
  • Show additional information in profile and list
  • Add link to profile menu "Edit Details"
  • Filter ZIP distance search
  • Pre filtered user list on the base of extended fields


  • Show user's subscriptions in user list view (back-end)
  • Assign subscription for selected users (back-End)
  • Protect any action like access article, download file, view picture and other files on a regular basis


  • Show avatar in messages


  • Flash based dynamic reports as diagrams, charts and Microsoft Excel tables
  • Pie charts and line bars show additional field relationships, comparison and progress
  • Progressive and comparative reports


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3 plg_doublelogin.v.1.3.zip 2042 3 Kb
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