Mighty Touch

Social networking website is easy with Joomla Now. MightyTouch is the only component with such spacious functionality allowing to create such websites as Facebook, MySpace, Мой Мир (mail.ru) without efforts.

Component Features / Highlights

User Profiles

  • Personal profile page
  • Karma points
  • Profile templates
  • User relations [Me -> Joe -> Linda -> Dave]

User Lists

  • User list with filters and searches
  • Your friends or friends of friend List
  • Guests user list

Easily Extendable

  • Plug-in API to create integration as self-sufficient applications
  • Create your own user list with your own filters and searches
  • Add filters to core user list
  • Add blocks to profile
  • Add parameters to profile
  • And much, much more...

Modern Features

  • Friend and buddy system
  • User groups with unlimited sections (Video, Blog, Music etc...)
  • Groups access, moderators, visibility etc...
  • Activity log

Profile Integrations and Blocks Available

These are blocks that exist at the moment.

Standalone a Blocks

 Guest Book Allows you to leave comments or messages on a profile and replay on a sender's profile.
 Twitter Allows user to post messages to their profile like "What I am doing" with the possibility to synchronize with Twitter. The user may choose what tweet to copy on twitter and what to post only in profile.
 Education Allows user to enter what school he / she has attended and what College or University they have graduated from. Also find other users with the same info. (classmates, or co-students).
 Experience Allows user add places of previous and present employment.  It allows user to find other people who work in the same city or even in the same organization.
 Places Allows user to add locations and addresses where one is presently living or had previously lived. The user can then find other people in the same city, street, state, country etc...

Integration Blocks

 Resources 7 different plug-ins may be shown in a created profile, favourites, commented and rated articles of any section.
 Member Shows subscriptions in a profile and add filters in core user lists to show users who have subscribed to a particular subscription.
 User Shows personal registration info in a profile.
 Inbox Shows "Send message" link in a profile and in user name drop-down menu.
 Community Shows a few things in Core plug-in controls that have no visible output.


Integration With Other Components

Mighty Registration

Avatar upload, personal info on profile, pre-set some fields with registration data.


Mighty Membership

Protect profile access, group access or any action on payment basis.

Mighty Resources

Hits, comments, votes, favourites as link to list of users, increase karma on different actions and register user activity in a section etc...


Mighty Message

Send messages from profile and any page of Resources.

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