Mighty Resources

Mighty Resources is the most advanced CCK (Content Construction Kit) component for Joomla 1.5. Absolutely Multi user, multi section/catalog, supports Joomfish, compatible with core SEF, custom fields; own comments, rating, tags systems and so much more.

Joomla 3 series analog is here. Joomla 2.5 analog is here.


Fields Of Application

Here are some ideas showing the unlimited power of this component

  • Product catalog
  • Support desk
  • Form generation
  • Cooking recipes
  • Business listings
  • Knowledge base
  • Portfolio
  • Jobs
  • Blog
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Contacts
  • Web links
  • Downloads
  • Automotive
  • Procurement
  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Property (Real estate)
  • Announcements
  • Picture gallery
  • Calendar
  • Locations
  • Reviews

Component Features Highlights

Multi Vendor/User

  • Personal home page for every section
  • Users can submit from the front-end
  • Personal user categories

Multi-levelledSection / Category

  • Create unlimited sections (catalogs)
  • Unlimited categories sub-levels
  • Save article to multiple categories

Custom Article Types

  • Create custom article types
  • Unlimited number of fields for every type
  • * 30 field types (Text, Select, Video, Gallery, Media and Google Map etc...)
  • Plug-in API to develop own field types

Multi Language

  • 100% JoomFish support
  • Translate articles from the frontend
  • Two language modes: Show all or only articles submitted in current language
  • Native Joomla 1.5 language files available

Template Manager

  • * 50 Templates for forms, articles, ratings and lists etc...
  • Create your own template easily
  • Other templates available at 3DP Extensions

Other Managers

  • Manage votes / ratings
  • Manage Comments
  • Manage tags / filters / tools

Multi Features

  • 100% Joomla 1.5 native according to Joomla Nativity Standards
  • 100% (MUI) Multi User Interface
  • Adapted to core Joomla SEF
  • Multi-language, supports Joomfish
  • RSS syndication for any section / category

Filters / Orders / Search

  • Field may be a multi-value filter
  • * 5+ Custom filter plug-ins
  • Filter all sections or current category
  • Set filters separately
  • Alpha and title Indexes
  • Order by any field

Integration With Other Components


Protect submission, view or editing of any article type, comment or particular field on a subscription basis. Protect any actions such as download file, view picture and watch video etc...



Generate flash dynamic contemporary reports such as diagrams, charts and Microsoft Excel tables. 38 different progressive and comparative reports for articles, types, categories, ratings, comments, favorites and hits etc...


Link to profile, send message and online status. Article hits, votes, comments and favorite numbers such as linking to the list of users. Karma increases on any action. Activity registration for every section and much, much more...



Convert any section to product catalog and start selling. If a section is multi-user, then it also becomes multi-seller. Sell any type of products


Send newsletters with filters or for example only to those who have created a particular type or only to those who have rated or commented or have visited particular articles



Avatar displayed in comments and articles, auto-fill user data into the address and e-mail fields.


More Than 200 Features Available In This Component


  • 100% Joomla 1.5 native according to Joomla Nativity Standards
  • 100% (MUI) Multi User Interface
  • Adapted to core Joomla SEF
  • Multilanguage Supports Joomfish
  • Put section / catalog offline
  • RSS syndication for any section / category
  • Show / hide future articles
  • Show / hide restricted articles in the list
  • Show / hide expired articles
  • Set templates for list, articles, comments, categories, ratings, forms and filters etc...


  • Set access rights to submit type
  • Set default access for newly created article
  • Show / hide category, create date, expire date, meta key and meta description fields
  • Disallow submit to section root
  • Allow submission to multi-categories
  • Admin approval before publishing
  • Set redirect URL after submission
  • Set automatic expiration period
  • Send alerts on new article to publisher, admin and / or custom e-mail
  • Set labels for title, category, create date, expire date fields and submit and cancel buttons


  • Add, edit and delete articles
  • Assign to multi-categories
  • Manage article from front-end
  • Users post articles
  • Create different type of articles. See list of possible field types on the right
  • Every article type can have an unlimited number of fields
  • Template support (see below)
  • Favorites built-in system
  • Ratings built-in system
  • PDF, print and email buttons for every article
  • Avatar in article
  • Link to author profile
  • Change "Read more >>" label
  • Show / hide hits, create date, modified date, title, author, avatar, rating, comments and tags etc...

Filtering / Search / Ordering

  • Filter by any additional field
  • * Custom filter plug-ins
  • Every filter closes separately
  • List of filters currently applied
  • Filter in current category or through whole section
  • Change list view
  • RSS current filter state
  • Alpha index
  • Title index
  • Order by core fields (data / rating / modified etc...)
  • Order by any custom field

Category Index

  • Change templates for category index
  • Show list of all categories
  • Show sub-categories
  • Dynamic or static category list
  • Show number of items in category or sub-category
  • Show or hide empty category or sub-category
  • Different subcategory display type (comma separated or LI)


  • Users can create their own categories
  • Sections and categories division
  • Categories inherit section parameters
  • Separate parameters for each category that overwrite global
  • Category description and image
  • Unlimited multi-level folding
  • Show category index


  • Complete template support allows creating any template you want
  • Copy and / or rename templates in template section
  • * Over 50 ready-to-use templates included
  • Templates available for list view, article view, comments, ratings, forms, category index and filters etc...
  • 3DP templates at 3DP Extensions section
  • Multi frontend templates
  • * Google Map, calendar list templates


  • Manage comments in back-end
  • Delete or publish comments from front-end
  • Avatar on comments
  • Comment add alerts
  • Comment templates
  • Comment alert template
  • Use social comments like Disqus and Intense Debate etc...
  • Tree (allow reply) or plain comments
  • Comment ratings
  • Automatically unpublish comments on certain rating
  • Comment RSS syndication
  • Comment attachments
  • Hide subject field
  • Comment post access rights
  • Hidden comments


  • Individual rating control
  • Rating templates
  • Set rating access
  • Manage (delete) ratings in back-end
  • 3 rating calculation modes


  • Tag cloud layout
  • Manage tags in back-end
  • Tags bonded to section
  • User tags


  • Different fields formats made in a form of separate plug-ins
  • Ordering by additional field
  • Label icons, position and alignment etc...
  • Show in intro and / or show in full
  • Set which field is required for filling
  • Every field has own access level by member subscription for submission / edit / view
  • Fields are searchable
  • Fields are filterable

Simple Core Field Types

  • Text - Simple text field
    • Float or integer format or custom EREG
    • Maximum length
  • Text Area- Simple text area field
    • Supports BB code
    • 'Read more' separation
    • Maximum length
  • HTML- Default WYSIWYG editor
    • Choose editor
    • Hide intro in article
  • Select Simple - Dropdown
    • Works as filter
  • Checkbox - List of checkboxes
  • Radiobutton - Create list of radio button elements

Advanced Core Field Types

  • Address - Complex field with all details for filling complete address with integrated
    • Show Google map based on address entered
    • Add all address fields in one field type
    • Show icons for telephone, fax, Yahoo!, MSN and Skype etc...
  • Calendar - JavaScript popup calendar to insert data
  • Telephone - Set of fields to enter area, country code and telephone separately.
  • URL - Simple text field
    • Count and display clicks
  • Email
    • Used by system to send alerts
    • Check validity
  • Mail - Form to send email
    • Send mail to exact email
    • Send to record owner
    • Send to email field
    • Open form in ShadowBox popup
  • File
    • Upload any file
    • File upload extension filter
    • Maximum upload size
    • Select file from dropdown list
    • Count downloads
    • Show size and hits
  • Picture
    • Upload picture
    • Automatically create thumbnail with width and quality set
    • Automatically resize original one
    • Automatically apply border
    • Popup in ShadowBox or new window
    • Alignment for thumbnail and full view
  • Video
    • Upload video or select from dropdown list
    • SWF, AVI, Mpg, Mpeg, Mov, WMV support (No FLV support!)
  • Audio
    • Play MP3 online in Flash player
    • Show MP3 tags
  • Image - Select image from dropdown list
  • Separator - Insert any HTML code into form or article

* Advanced Field Types

  • Commenter - Display author of last comment
  • Bill - Allow select and show created invoices of MightyInvoice
  • Media - Upload several pictures, audio, video files and display in flash player
  • Gallery 2 - Upload several pictures and display as mini-gallery
  • Multi-Rating - Create own rating criteria
  • Select Relate - Make multi-level select list like Mercedes -> E Class -> 350D
  • Relate 2 -Connect article types with many-to-many relation
    • Display list of relation articles
    • Display "Add New" link
    • Display "Show All" link
    • Display 1 field value
    • Add new item without article edition by non-author
  • Set Location - Set location by placing marker on Google map
  • Files - Multi-file upload through flash
  • Social Bookmarks - Share article with all popular Public Bookmarks
  • Subscription - Requires Member Subscriptions to allow access to article
  • Youtube - Show video from YouTube on your site
  • Taber
    • Separate or group forms into tabs or sliders
    • Separate or group articles into tabs or sliders

* Commerce Field Plugins

  • Price - Set price for product
  • Cart - Add to cart, inquiry or "Buy Now" button
  • Product type - Field that communicates with Commerce product types
  • Product Property - Allow user to choose product parameters like size and color etc... before checkout
  • Barcode - Generate image barcode
    • Set magnification
    • Set standard EAN / CODE128 etc...
    • Format vertical, borders and text etc...
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