Mighty Membership

Best and most flexible component available to create a membership website based on subscriptions. Easily protect any section or any action of any component.

Joomla 3 series analog is here. Joomla 2.5 analog is here.

Features Highlights

Flexible Subscription Scenarios

  • Show intro section but protect full view
  • Restrict any page of any component
  • Restrict any action of any component
  • Section / category plan
  • Individual user plans
  • Individual article plans
  • Limit access by time period
  • Subscription plan discount on second purchase
  • Limit on amount of times subscription can be used
  • Invisible subscription plans
  • Zero price subscription plans
  • Cross planning
  • MUA - Multi User Access for one plan (corporate subscriptions)
  • Other plans dependent price
  • Automatically grant to new or old users
  • Alert admin on new subscription
  • Alert subscriber with instructions
  • Alert subscriber on expiry
  • Assign user subscription manually
  • Categorize subscription plans
  • Show one plan or few plan layouts
  • Children subscriptions within parent plan
  • And many, many more...

Mult-Payment Solution

  • On-line payment interface as plug-in system
  • Payment plug-in settings separate for every plan
  • Immediate access after payment
  • Off-line, 2CO and PayPal plug-ins included
  • 3DP payment plug-in for all major payment gateways, such as Google Checkout, Authorize, LinkPoint, Moneybookers, eWay and many others...


  • Joomla 1.5 Native
  • Front-end user subscription history
  • Coupon System
  • JoomFish Multi Language support

Complete Reports

  • Possible only with Analytics Reports for Membership
  • Show subscriptions progress by days, months, weeks for any period and for any group of subscriptions
  • Show Relational / comparison reports for any period and for any group of subscriptions

5 Basic Types Of Plans Available

  • Mighty Integration - This is a type when limitations set on the side of the component instead of plan parameters. Mighty Resources and Mighty Touch provide integration for submitting records, comments or reading articles and so on...
  • Component Type - Create a subscription for any section of any component. For example: a subscription for forum threads, bulletin boards, ReMository, DOCman category or file, a particular category in Web Link or Bookmark components or any category of a Picture Gallery component. You can also create a multi-component subscription
  • Category Type - Restrict access to single or multiple categories (entire section) of core Joomla content
  • User Individualization - Bind articles to Users. For example, you create a User type subscription, create an article and put a flag {JCSBOT USER=234}, where 234 is a user ID. This means that this article can only be read / accessed by user with id 234 and with an active subscription of type "User Individualization". Examples: individual fitness plans or diet programs.
  • Article Individualization - Control separate articles. For example, create an "Article Individualization" plan and note its ID. In the article(s) you want to protect insert  {JCSBOT SUBSCRIPTION=5}, where 5 is an ID of the subscription. Now this article can be read only by those who is subscribed to the plan with ID 5.
Important! The Membership component cannot restrict direct access to the files on the server. You cannot close http://yoursite.com/images/stories/secretimage.jpg because restrictions pass through index.php file only.

Other Component Integrations


  • Restrict article submission / edit
  • Restrict comment submission
  • Restrict certain fields
  • Restrict by categories


  • Send message only to subscribers of specific plan(s)


  • Register through MightyRegistration component
  • Assign subscription from back-end user list


  • Purchase through MightyInvoice installed on current or any other site
  • Invoice system

How it works

After installing and configuring the component any user who tries to read a commercial article or instigate a protected action like submit an item without proper registration or without having an appropriate active subscription will be prompted with a login form. After the login the user will be redirected to the article if they have the appropriate subscription plan. Otherwise they will be prompted with the option to purchase a subscription plan. In turn, if the user purchases the subscription then they will gain access to the article.

Note! There is no subscription available during registration process.

Registration and subscription separated for these reasons

  • Possibility to use any means of registration. Register through MightyRegistration, easyExtended, CB and JomSocial etc...
  • More often access is separated into 3 parts
    1. Free for public
    2. Free for registered
    3. Only for purchased members
  • Making a subscription process with multiple steps also allows user to finish subscription later because at first not many users are sure that they are ready to pay but they may start with registration
  • On pay-for-registration models a user is usually deleted after subscriptions expire. In multi-step registration only access to protected items expire and the user may purchase another subscription without completing a new registration process
  • Users may purchase multiple plans unlike only one during registration

See below for the exact process scheme.


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