Mighty Message

MightyMessage is a unique e-mail system for Joomla 1.5 that allows to organize mail exchange between registered users within one website.

MightyMessage - Internal Messaging System

MightyMessage Component allows registered users to exchange messages between each other. This is a great tool for community sites, organizations that control managers through the internet, or for other purposes such as non-profit, B2B (alibaba.com like) and many others.

Features Highlights

  • Exchange messages between users within one site
  • 100% Joomla 1.5 native component with intuitive interface
  • Create your own message types like Thread Lead Inquiry, CV request, Apply for job...
    • Composition of Message forms may be extended with additional fields by MightyResource types. *The fields types such as media, flash and several others can’t be added to PDF view
    • Create menu item for certain type
    • Set default type
    • Create non-selected types
    • User may select type from a list of public types while composing messages
  • Core undeletable folders: Inbox, Draft, Sent, Junk, Trash
  • Admin may create global folder that will be visible to all users
  • User may create own folders and assign Icons to them.
  • Keep message history
  • Compose message
    • CC and BCC fields
    • "Save a copy" in sent folder
    • Attach file
    • Set priority
    • Message read confirmation
  • User options, to configure own Inbox
    • Exchange messages between users within one site
    • Send copy of incoming messages to your registration E-mail
    • To Additional Email
    • On / Off Inbox for receiving messages;
    • On / Off for receiving messages from Fiends only (integration with MightyTouch
  • Admin Configuration
    • Recipient Can Reply: No, Yes
    • Recipient Can Forward: No, Yes
    • Recipient Can Attach: No, Yes
    • Message limit calculated through all folders
    • Date format
    • Shadowbox params
  • Message managment
    • Delete to Trash
    • Set flags for messages
    • Create filters or views
  • API to integrate with other components

Other Component Integrations


  • Send message to the author of the article
  • Drop-down user's menu of the author message at message list


  • Send message from users profile
  • Address book includes friends


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