Mighty Commerce

Full featured platform to build online e-commerce website to sell products of any imaginable type. Sell downloads, codes/vouchers, subscriptions, tangible goods and more. Easily organizes any online business from tiny personal e-shop to huge B2B, B2C or C2C portal or Shopping Mall. You can create sites like Alibaba.com, Amazon.com and many others.

Stop searching because the solution is right here!

MightyCommerce is a component where all Mighty Components are joined with each other in such a manner that MightyCommerce becomes an impressive solution for a complete eCommerce website based on Joomla!

MightyCommerce – eCommerce Functionality

Full control over sales, orders, shopping cart, product types, shipping and much, much more...

Product Types

  • Product types as plug-ins
  • Every product may be multi-type
  • Available types: download, subscriptions, tangible items, pin and karma
  • Sell content, digital downloads, codes / vouchers or all together as a bundle


  • Sell through global or seller's payment gateways
  • Balance system with shop commission
  • Sales management
  • Purchase (by means of MightyInvoice) or Inquire (by means of MightyMessage)

Multi Featured

  • Native multi-vendor
  • Flexible configuration

MightyResources - Product Catalog

MightyResources makes MightyCommerce a really mighty catalog system. It is the most advanced product catalog system ever created for Joomla eCommerce solutions.

  • Seller personal categories
  • Seller personal product home page
  • Modern templates for catalog layout
  • Custom product fields like gallery, media, URL, video and pictures etc...
  • Multi catalog (product and trade leads)
  • Rating / voting, comments, favorites and tags
  • Advanced product search


MightyMessage - Inquiry System

MightyMessage is a personal message system. It is perfectly designed to work as an Inquiry system for MightyCommerce.

  • Private Inbox layout
  • "Inquire Now" for individual product
  • "Inquire Now" for product cart
  • Compose, reply, forward, delete and move messages
  • Save conversation history
  • Automatic address book
  • CC and BCC fields
  • Alerts on messages received


MightyTouch - Profiling System

It is more than just a profiling system. It is a Community Social Network Service. It allows you to create sites like myspace.com or facebook.com etc...

  • Seller personal profile
  • Show products on profile
  • Show trade leads on profile
  • Show registration / contact details on profile
  • Avatar / logo
  • Link to profile on product page
  • Make friends
  • Create groups (even sales groups)
  • Seller karma
  • Track sellers and buyers activity


MightyRegistration – Extended Registration Form

MightyRegistration user manager. Extend registration form with additional fields.

  • Extend user registration with additional fields
  • Simplify authorization process
  • Upload avatar / logo
  • Use registration field values as predefined values everywhere
  • Separate sellers and buyers
  • Auto-login system


MightyInvoice - Payment System

MightyInvoice can process payments of any component (if installed). It works as a gateway and creates fully tax return compatible invoices complete with barcodes.

  • Orders purchased through global payment systems
  • Orders purchased through seller personal parameters
  • Official tax return office ready
  • Billing / invoice history
  • Customer chooses to pay tax or not
  • Customer sets the tax amount


MightyMembership - Subscription System

Earn more on your B2B or any Multi-seller project.

  • Allow individual product fields submission only on payment basis
  • Allow product or trade lead submission only on payment basis
  • Allow inquiry only on payment basis
  • Allow product browse only on payment basis
  • Allow particular product fields view on payment basis
  • Allow profile access only on payment basis


MightyAnalytics - Reporting System

MightyCommerce is the only solution with such an advanced reporting system.

  • Reports in flash dynamic charts and diagrams
  • 38 reports for products (sellers, products, field values and categories, etc...)
  • 2 Reports for user registration
  • 2 reports for MightyMembership sales progress
  • 2 reports for MightyInvoice sales progress
  • Result as spreadsheet tables for download




At first glance it may seem a bit complicated to install and configure all the components so they can relate to each other in an appropriate manner. However the result is not only the best solution available for Joomla but the best eCommerce solution Worldwide.

The combination of MightyExtensions offers an impressive and unrivalled feature rich user experience whilst remaining easy to implement and manage. You won't find a more complete or powerful eCommerce solution for Joomla.

Every component of Commerce solution is a stand alone component and self sufficient. The Commerce solution is the most advanced in its field.

Imagine what would happen if you take the best directory component, best billing component, best profiling system and combine all of them together to create an eCommerce site?  MightyCommerce is your answer to a powerful solution. You will never find any other eCommerce solution that has such a highly advanced product catalog manager as Resources.


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4 plg_field.email_alert.v.2.0.1.zip 2537 2 Kb
5 plg_field.price.v.2.0.1.zip 1442 8 Kb
6 plg_field.product_property.v.2.0.1.zip 2702 6 Kb
7 plg_field.product_property_rent.v.2.0.2.zip 1359 11 Kb
8 plg_field.product_suite.v.2.1.1.zip 1430 54 Kb
9 plg_field.product_type.v.2.3.zip 1380 25 Kb
10 plg_field.vendor.v.2.0.1.zip 1413 2 Kb
11 com_commerce.v.1.4 Build 8019.zip 2242 1,03 Mb
12 plg_type_communities.v.1.4.1.zip 1372 4 Kb
13 plg_type_download.v.1.6.zip 1421 9 Kb
14 com_commerce.update.from.v.1.0.to.v.1.4 Build 8019.zip 1552 1,02 Mb
15 plg_type_htmltype.v.1.1.1.zip 1303 5 Kb
16 plg_type_karma.v.1.3.1.zip 1328 2 Kb
17 plg_type_picturetype.v.1.3.zip 1400 9 Kb
18 plg_type_pincode.v.1.3.1.zip 1383 3 Kb
19 plg_type_subscription.v.1.4.zip 1326 4 Kb
20 plg_type_tangible.v.1.3.1.zip 1444 3 Kb
21 plg_type_videotype.v.1.3.zip 1383 9 Kb
22 mod_commerce_bestsellers.v.1.1.zip 1457 4 Kb
23 mod_commerce_cart.v.2.0.1.zip 1628 11 Kb
24 mod_commerce_categories.v.1.0.zip 1541 3 Kb
25 mod_commerce_products.v.1.2.zip 1367 4 Kb
26 mod_commerce_sellers.v.1.0.zip 1448 5 Kb
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This file is only for old encoded versions. This license removes all restrictions.
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