Mighty Invoice

MightyInvoice is flexible and advanced billing component for Joomla. This component easily allows you to create invoices and receive payments from your customers.

MightyInvoice – The Easy Way to Make Payments

MightyInvoice is adapted to the European tax structure and the billed invoices may be used for local tax returns. The bill allows users to enter their private tax identification number which later appears in the invoice. The tax rate is calculated automatically upon entering all the required information.

Integrations With Other Components

Mighty Commerce MightyInvoice allows to organize purchase online. Depending on Commerce settings bill is issued with settings of specific vendor or site’s global settings. MightyInvoice is a bridge between MightyCommerce and online payment systems.
 Mighty Membership MightyInvoice allows buying plans and issuing invoice for purchase.

 Mighty Registration MightyInvoice is using address data from Mighty Registration as the default billing address.

Online Payment Plugins

MightyInvoice supports all payment systems from MightyMembership. 2co, PayPal and Offline payment systems are available in the package. There are also more 26 payment systems like Google checkout, Moneybookers, WorldPay, eWay, Authorize.net and many others available from our partner. Look in the category under MightyMembership.

MightyInvoice may be used for receiving any customer payments, donations, hosting payments and other types.

Full Features List

  • Create Personal Bills
  • Create Product such as bills (multi-pay)
  • User can choose either to include or exclude tax payments
  • User can change quantity
  • Online Payment plugins include: 2Checkout,
    PayPal, Offline
  • Invoice standards
  • Order ID as barcode (CODE128)
  • Invoice number as barcode (CODE128)
  • Tax ID if applicable as barcode (CODE128)
  • Integrated with  Mighty Registration and entered address fields on invoice by default
  • Reporting system as Microsoft® Excel Spreadsheet
  • Reporting as Diagrams
  • Easy integration with other components through API
  • Easy integration with other components through plugin events


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5 plg_payoffline.v.1.6.1.zip 1543 8 Kb
6 plg_paypaypal.v.3.4.1.zip 1513 17 Kb
7 plg_paywire.v.1.2.1.zip 1528 7 Kb
8 plg_payrobokassa.v.1.1.zip 1456 16 Kb
9 plg_webmoney.v.1.1.zip 1521 9 Kb
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