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Field - Relation

Parent and child create one-to-many or even many-to-many relationship between articles or article types. For example Composer->Albums, Movie->Actor, Product->Review, ...

6+ months ago
Field - Content Dripping

Content dripping is the gradual, pre-scheduled release of premium website content (with Emerald to paid members).

6+ months ago
Field - Related Access

This field allows to restrict access to articles based on Emerald Subscription selected in parent article.

6+ months ago
Field - Read Also

This is unique field to interlink articles between each other. During submission of the article you can explicitly chose what articles are related to current one.

6+ months ago
Field - Records

Field records shows list of articles depending on different conditions. It shows list of articles basically in full article view because conditions depends on current article (and to lower server resources consumption)

6+ months ago
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