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This field can easily increase analytical time users stay on your site and average number of viewed pages per every user.

It can find related articles many different ways. Created, bookmarked, commented, followed, visited articles of author of current article or current user. Related on tags or other current article parameters.

One of the great feature to show related articles based on field value. It can show other articles with the same value of gives field.

Add different ordering here like by date, modification date, random, most voted, most commented, most visited, and may others, and you get endless combination of suggestion. Here is only few of them

  • Show article current user last visited
  • Another most rated phones with Android OS
  • Show another most voted articles of the same author
  • Show another most voted cars of BMW X5
  • Show articles that have been bookmarked by same author
  • Show articles with same tags
  • Users who read(or vote or comment or ...) this articles also read

And so on and on...

Core Field Features

Feature Yes
Searchable Yes
Javascript validation Yes

Specific Plugin Features

  • Choose relation type
  • Set template
  • Set ordering


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