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Content dripping is the gradual, pre-scheduled release of premium website content.

This field lets you set rules for gradual content access. Set time rules for portions of content become available since the user starts set. Works in manual and automatic mode to set conditions for access. Manuall allows administrator to set when user may move to next content and auto release content after X number of days.

Integration of this field with Emerald 8 makes possible subscription based access to your sets of dripped content and protect access to sets on paid bases.


  • Unlimited numbers of sets for drip content in the same section.
  • Manual graduation to next portion of content.
  • Automatic graduation within defined period of time
  • Pass quiz for graduation to next lesson
  • Different input styles including autocomplete with ajax.
  • Notification system for end user let them be oriented on when particular potion of content becomes available and on what conditions.
  • Notification to user that he can move to the next content. Soon
  • Self activation of next content. Soon


  • older members will progressively get access to more content
  • content protection again leechers
  • longer-staying, paying members with recurring payment membership sites.
  • ability to launch multiple membership site portals operating on autopilot without your direct day to day involvement in a content release process.

How it works

The notification system let end users know exactly what it takes to get access to each portion of content and know time for next portion of content becomes available for them.




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