Mighty Permission

Mighty Permission is something like ACL (Access Control List) but more simple. It is URL based protection method that is secure and worldwide recognized.

MightyPermission Features

  • Create user groups
  • Set Group permissions
  • Set User permissions
  • Integration URL2XML constructor
  • Join actions to groups

Extending Joomla ACL

Protection rules for components are based on a simple XML file. So you can easily add new rules or delete existent ones. Also, you can create a XML for a new component. In that file, you can define component actions and name them as you wish. Later on, you can group these actions for better and easier management.

The only thing required is to write an appropriate XML file, and install it to the component. Because it is URL based, it is impossible to do actions that you do not have a permission to perform. Integration with MightyRegistration allows you to set permissions to any type of user (from single user to set of users).


# File Hits Size
1 mod_jscacl_menu.v.1.1.zip 1528 12 Kb
2 com_jcacl.update.v.1.5.0.to.v.1.5.3.zip 1429 75 Kb
3 com_jcacl.1.5.3.zip 1483 79 Kb
4 plg_jcacl.v.2.7.zip 1520 2 Kb
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