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This is unique field to interlink articles between each other. During submission of the article you can explicitly chose what articles are related to current one.

Relation is going to be created on both sides. Let's say you add article A and select related article B. Not only article A will show related article B, but related article B will show article A as read suggestion.

All articles will be shown in section template and looks exactly like you managed them to looks in article list layout. You can also create simplified custom templates for suggestions.

This field is excellent for series of articles, which you publish from time to time. Once a month for example. But you do not want people to miss other parts.

Say you release Article part 1, in one week you release Article part 2 and set Article part 1 as related. So does not matter what article user reads, one will be suggested to read another part. In one week you release Article part 3. Cool thing that if you set part 1 and part 2 articles as suggested, you wills see that suggestion everywhere. Right, because of both side connection, you do not need to edit article 1 and 2 and add just submitted article as another suggested part. This field will understand it and show 3 as suggested in article 1 and 2 and vise verse.

It also have a lot of other usefully applications. related products in catalog, other chapters of the book, and so on..

Do not forget that for automatic suggested articles there is field Records.

Core Field Features

Feature Yes
Searchable Yes
Javascript validation Yes

Specific Plugin Features

  • Set How to chose related records. Large selection of display: Autocomplete, Autocomplete with ajax, checkbox, Multiple select and Popup
  • Set Template overwrite. Choose different Template overwrite
  • Ordering


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