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18 Dec 2020 15:41

Hi, I'm having trouble with showing counter and upcoming matches in chronological order (which are organized by Cobalt 8 in my theme, I have not designed it myself "Sport.ak"). I have managed to get the matches in the right order on my "upcoming matches" page. But on the main page (which are shown in the picture) I can't manage to get any of them right.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?

kind regards, Lars

Last Modified: 26 Aug 2022

Giorgi625 VIP
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22 Dec 2020 06:53

What have you selected as sorting option? can you show. How I guess it is Records module, if so I do not see in module option to sort by ending date so I think it can't be done if Sergey will not add it.

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26 Aug 2022 12:19

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