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27 Jan 2017 02:19

There is a frontend static language string "New Purchase" in Emerald 10, but it was not included in the language file. The worse is, it was hardcoded in the php file as normal English words, not a language key:

line 31 of: /components/com_emerald/views/emlist/tmpl/default.php


line 31 of: /components/com_emerald/views/emlist/tmpl/warp.default.php

Could you please fix this in next release?

Thank you.

Last Modified: 26 Aug 2022

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01 Feb 2017 15:21

I have just updated Emerald 10. Please check.

baijianpeng VIP
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07 Feb 2017 23:02

Ok, I updated Emerald to v10.86, and then I noticed that you had added this language string. Now it can be translated.

This issue solved perfectly.

Thank you.

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04 Aug 2022 11:04

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26 Aug 2022 12:34

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