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25 Jul 2012 06:37


i'm testing the new featured item from spiralscript and it is wonderfull

Last Modified: 12 Jan 2023

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25 Jul 2012 06:40

Sergey can help me to test it please ?

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25 Jul 2012 07:11

The featured items pro extension is a commercial product and we dont have a license. If you want to know if it can display Cobalt records, you should contact the developers at Spiralscript. Based on the description, Mighty resources content can be displayed. So it should not be difficult for them to provide integration with Cobalt. If the developers have questions or need assistance, please refer them to our support desk or they can contact me directly in my

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25 Jul 2012 08:48

no sorry , i am not clear this module is for COBALT we are testing and can you test it too please ?

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12 Jan 2023 01:32

It is possible to show material from Mighty Resources. Therefore, supplying integration with Cobalt retro bowl shouldn't be too tough for them to do.

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