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17 Apr 2014 17:30

Label and Icons

The Emerald GROUP has already an icon/image selectbox. Please, can we get a Plan image parameter as well? Most likely for a thumbnail/icon usage. Maybe Emerald would benefit from an optional, modern icon/webfont? Ideal would be a visual icon selector. Also upload of own icon sets would be a nice feature... if this is "overkill", please add at least useful CSS class names and/or custom class parameters.

Possible use cases:

  • icon for plan label (specials, best value etc.)
  • icon for each user with active subscription (hence my other Cobalt topic about VIP icons)

Extra fields & further ideas

Maybe a good idea in general to have some common extra fields as plan parameters?! In addition to the big HTML description. Often plans have a typical collection of infos i.e. vertical table with options/properties, Tooltips/PopOver with detailed descriptions, plan label.

J! form fields come with a repeatable field. Maybe an easy way to create multiple plan properties!?

Last Modified: 19 Dec 2020

pepperstreet VIP
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18 Apr 2014 19:43

Sergey Plan icons sounds good. But again hard to implemnet it universaly. What if someone attached image 250x250? Where to show it? In profile or forum left column is ok. I can make it little smaller like 48x48. But in the topic list? That will be a lot of IF just to indicate user status.

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19 Dec 2020 12:06


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