pepperstreet VIP
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16 Jul 2021 17:58

Hello ;) May I suggest to restrict the forum for registered people only? The spam comments are taking over lately, and I don't think it is good for the general reputation of MintJoomla.
Currently anyone can post here?! At least people should register a FREE account to post something. Maybe Guest posts could be hidden before published or checked by an admin?

Last Modified: 23 Aug 2021

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17 Jul 2021 04:30

Yes it is used by seo cheater for improving their ranking, and he should add "NO FOLLOW" to external links.

Giorgi625 VIP
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17 Jul 2021 19:26

Sergey gave me admin rights so I can delete spam, and I was doing it, but does it make sence when Sergey gave up on Cobalt and Mintjoomla?

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