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19 Mar 2012 16:25

(This topic is based on my older Support topic on ME homepage.)


My idea was to re-use the comments system for an "attendance" feature. Also known as "RSVP".
Users should be able to order a "seat" for an event/workshop etc.

Resources 1.5 comments lacked the follwing things:

  • Not full customizable/replacable text strings
  • No limit for comments
  • List/Show all commenters in module or extra list view

In my humble opinion, the comments system is not a bad solution. It just needs some tweaks and parameters. Authors should be able to set a limit for available "seats". More or less it behaves like comments moderation. Author gets message, and decides if attendance will be granted. Availability is displayed in frontend and adjusted accordingly...

Or does it make more sense to develop a new advanced field?

Thanks for listening.

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21 Mar 2012 03:56

Do you think that idea to make article type comment and comments limit will solve this? For instance you create article type "Event Apply" and instead of comment, user submit this artcle form and coments are listed as section list right inside article in place of comments.

Thus users will be able to beautifully show if user comes or not, notes or who knows what else. We do plan to make Author Summary field. This field will show summary of article author and data from other extensions that extends profiles. That field may be good for that purpose. List of user cards who is going to come.

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22 Mar 2012 08:19

Author Summary sounds interesting? Want to know more details about it... 3rd party integration?

Yes. This is field that show avatar and extended registration details. Something like profile snapshot. Of course this field will take information from Jomsocial, CD, VM, Hickshop, and other registration extensions.

But actually, you know, there is special table called user_attributes. If user extension made right we even do not need any integration, just work with any other extension.

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22 Mar 2012 22:56

By the way, reminds me on "Sackgesicht" topic and request for a user-relation field.

Yes. this "user-relation" field would be an important enhancement to the Cobalt fields. Records could be assigned to (other) users through administrators/moderators/authors.

As of now, records are only assigned to the record author. With this field a new level of relations would be possible ...

Possible features (3rd party compatibility- Jomsocial, JSPT, Community Builder etc) could be discussed in in separate topic, if there is an interest on a "user-relation" field.

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23 May 2016 01:05

Gentle reminder on the User-Relation field / Author summary field. ;)

BTW, if I edit and re-save a topic, the tags are deleted! A bug?

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25 May 2016 09:02

pepperstreet BTW, if I edit and re-save a topic, the tags are deleted! A bug?

Have to test. I'll do that later.

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30 Jan 2017 23:45

pepperstreet Gentle reminder on the User-Relation field / Author summary field. ;)

Just wanted to "bump" this feature. Is it mentioned in the C9 Roadmap topic?

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