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12 Jun 2013 18:53

(re-creation of my C7 topic.)

Maybe nice and easy for submission and filter input: Increase and decrease values by clicking on up/down buttons ;-) Allowing min and max values. BTW, current Digits field seems to have no min/max limits, yet ?! Except for a certain digit range like 9, 99, 999. Which is not granular enough.

Nothing was included in Bootstrap, yet. But there are many other solutions and plugins out there... also HTML5 input types. Terms used for this input method:

  • step input
  • numeric stepper
  • spinner
  • slider

Examples - Appearance


Possible solutions:

  • Stepper by Ben Plum /
  • Spinner Fuel UX plugin, addons for Bootstrap 2 & 3
  • HTML5 Input types, see "number" and "range".
    (Benefit: No JavaScript! Keyboard support. Drawback: Default Styling... controls ugly and very tiny, Browser-Support)

  • Ranger by Ben Plum /

  • jQueryUI slider (already used in Filter template)
  • noUISlider (jQuery plugin)


Ben Plum's jQuery solutions "Stepper" and "Ranger" also require HTML5 input types. So, for total custom appearance try his stuff on ;)

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06 Jun 2014 06:09

+1. Your C7 topic link goes to all posts of Cobalt7 forum.

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