pepperstreet VIP
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03 Jun 2013 18:34

Tasty example of custom markers with images and linked intro below the map area. Hover image markers... I really want this, but without Wordpress :D ;)

Thank you for this link, very inspiring. This is how a web app should look and function. The relationship Map - Result List pushes the use of a Map to a whole new level.

The relation/connection seems to be a Gmap feature. Javascript and ID# targeting... !?

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Last Modified: 01 Jul 2014

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04 Jun 2013 06:20

WP example is really great. Good you posted it. We do plan to improve map features in Cobalt 9. I'll use this sources for inspiration.

graphxks VIP
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01 Jul 2014 20:50

Go Sergey!

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