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27 May 2013 04:04

Hello, just want to raise the older topic for C8. And also a general idea for other output manipulations on client-side via javascript.

Source of inspiration

In the past, I have worked a lot with CommunityBuilder, and this is my source of inspiration. It makes heavy use of jQuery and it has some interesting features in regards of Conditional display and general markup... it has an almost complete CSS output for each template area, each field and its label. This seems to be the key for accessing the individual pieces of page content. It is also very handy for custom design.

I know, there might be some picky markup guys, that might complain about using IDs for that purposes. I guess, even Classes could do the same, since jQuery has evolved in the past. I remember, there were times where it was limited to IDs for certain tasks. I think, this is much more easier and extended now... (Maybe 1 unique container ID plus field CLASSES is enough)

Cobalt - current output

I noticed, that Cobalt has a similar output on labels only!?

i.e. a Text field with ID99 gets a label with id=99-lbl.
But the actual field data has just a generic class input-field.
There is no automatic default like: id=99-fld or class=99-fld

Ideas & possibilities

I am aware of the Custom Field Class parameter...

but shouldn´t fields offer a common output markup by default? PLUS the provided custom class.

I think, this would make some things possible, that we currently don´t have, e.g.:

  • conditional display
  • calculations
  • validations
  • mentions with image hover etc.
  • etc. ...

Little bug

I found a little issue with Custom Field Class in BLOG template. It`s not in output, It's missing. Only label gets the custom class.

Thanks for listening. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

EDIT / TODO: Still wrong related links to old AngelDesk forum

(related to this C7 topic - Conditional fields, and my single comment, because of an AngelDesk issue)

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27 May 2013 06:48

Little bug:


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06 Sep 2013 08:59

What about the rest of my topic? Did you understand my description? Did I explain it right?

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08 Sep 2013 02:36

Yes I understand. But unfortunately I cannot think out any generic solution. One need ID on field wrapper div, other need it in whole block with field and label. I can add IDs and CLASSes but that will not fit everyone anyway. SO I think this is work for custom template.

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20 Dec 2013 11:14

yes i agree

Hello ANDI, thanks for chiming in here :)

Unfortunately I had no time for further investigations, yet. Stay tuned…

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25 Feb 2014 13:28

That is the point, IMHO a default is missing. I have to check and compare CB again in regards of wrapper/field/label. I remember it was very useful!

That is the point, IMHO a default is missing. I have to check and compare CB again in regards of wrapper/field/label. I remember it was very useful!

Use the same programming to add an ID for the outer div around that and call them fld-1-outer, fld-2-outer, fld-3-outer, etc

@Tone @Sergey

Exactly what I had in my mind... here is an example of the current CB default field output. Not the BS form markup, but the same basic structure and idea. They just use certain naming patterns for field wrapper (row); field label; field value. Everything with the respective field ID.

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