andiamine VIP
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01 Dec 2014 19:02

Depot Section:

  • in items list add logo in left side of each item, hide unknown or replace it with download url of item
  • also add please 3 modules in bottom of depot section: last added , top items, recently updated

Minjoomla Homepage:

  • add 4 modules (gives a good feeling that community is active)
    • Latest topics forum
    • Latest Clients
    • New depot items
    • Updated depot items
  • Update title tag and metadata (for now show "extensions", and meta description in google show " is not affiliated....")
  • Add social media icons (fb, twitter, linkedin, g+)

We love your products and i hope that u can do this changes :)


Last Modified: 02 Dec 2014

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02 Dec 2014 02:54

Yes, that would be cool.

andiamine VIP
Total posts: 289
02 Dec 2014 03:25

Great :D

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