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27 Jul 2016 16:37

We use Hikashop for several client websites and would like to provide the option of subscriptions. This is the process we would like to use for a 30 day subscription plan. Is it possible using Emerald 9 with Hikashop?

  1. Customer selects a product and quantity. Or, they are shown product offers on a single product page of which one of the offers is a subscription offer. This screenshot is an example. Screenshot 2016-07-27 11.51.51

  2. Customer is asked if they want to receive the product monthly.

  3. If "yes", they are added to the Subscription plan using Emerald 9.
  4. Customer pays for the current order using Authorize.Net
  5. Then, every 30 days, a new order is automatically generated in Hikashop
  6. The customer automatically pays for the order using Authorize.Net.
  7. If the customer wants to make changes or cancel their subscription, they can log into their account in Hikashop and make the changes.
  8. Or, if the customer calls my client to cancel or make a change to their subscription, the client can make changes to the User's order using the Hikashop backend Admin.

I have used a numbered outline for the process to make it easier for you to provide your response. I am extremely hopeful that Emerald 9 will be able to handle this.

Last, if Emerald and Hikashop can handle this process flow, are there specific steps you can point me to that will allow me to set this up on a test website. Even better, is there a demo of the frontend and backend where I can follow along with your instructions to see how it is set up?

All the best.

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28 Jul 2016 05:15

I do not know if Hikashop can automatialy generate orders every 30 days and charge the customer. But if it can, then Emerald should work just fime. It will add new subscription every time hikashop create new order on that particualr poduct.

There is integration that simply create subscription when accosiated product had been purchased. That is it. Nothing more. So everything goes on the sholders of hikashop. If it can do recurring payments, then it is ok. But emerald will not be able to continue recurre payment made through Hikashop.

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