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06 Apr 2016 13:55

I just purchased your hikashop 2checkout extension and followed the configuration instructions on your site but when I tried to make a purchase on my website I get the message "No Payment Option Found". Please help resolve. Thanks.

Last Modified: 20 Feb 2024

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06 Apr 2016 14:13

May be you have to enable it somehow in hikashop? I do not see any error in 2CO checkout. It is a question to Hikashop developer. I am not exactly sure how to enable this plugin inside Hikashop.

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08 Apr 2016 16:29

I still have not been able to use this extension. I have enabled it in Hikashop. I noticed, I can't turn on or off demo mode (if I set it to On and save it, it returns to Off). Could this also be a problem. I AM STILL HAVING THE MESSAGE "NO PAYMENT METHODS FOUND"

10 Apr 2016 16:02

Please can I get some help with this issue from your support staff?

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13 Apr 2016 07:25

Please provide login credentials with super admin rights and I'll have a look.

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26 Aug 2022 12:58

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20 Feb 2024 03:22

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