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10 Jan 2016 12:58


The Hikashop 2Checkout plugin has been installed and configured on my website (Joomla 3.x) however, when I set the main currency to AED, the 2CO payment option is not displayed.

When the currency is set to USD, the 2CO seems to display correctly. Please note that I selected this plugin due to the AED currency support as I'm based in the UAE. Please can you urgently contact me with a solution.

Last Modified: 12 Jan 2016

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12 Jan 2016 09:37

Where did you set that currecy in Hikashop? I need access to your site. Please in private comment give me credentials. Also give me direct link to Hikashop product list on frontend. Make sure you have provided me enough information I can access files on your server and change them.

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