Giorgi625 VIP
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11 Mar 2016 08:12

Hello I need to display a notification to users that they must purchase subscription if they want to have possibility to add news, comments and so on, must be display in all pages. It must be displayed only to that users who has not purchased, who has purchased does not see this notification. How can I do this?

pepperstreet VIP
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11 Mar 2016 23:32

Hello Giorgi625,
Emerald comes with a special plugin and syntax. You could use it in a Joomla article or custom-HTML module. Actually anywhere, even in templates. It allows versatile restrictions and can hide/show content... Please, visit and read this documentation article. See heading [UNPAID]. Also hence the special syntax for [NEW] and [EXPIRED]!

Joomla can distinguish between guests/registered users. What about showing an article/module to guests only?

Additionally you can setup usergroups. Do you organize your users into groups/ACL already?
There is an Emerald Action that assigns users to a group, and also removes from groups.
With usergroups/ACL you can show and hide any Joomla module or article.

Hope this helps.

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