Giorgi625 VIP
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08 Mar 2016 12:08

Hello I tried to add emerald payment option into Easysocial registration form but there are some problems with it and I decided to do so:

I will let users to register and they will be activated automaticaly, so they will get into Registered usergroup, but I want to give this usergroup same permissions as Guests. After registration they will be redirected to subscription plans page where they are asked to purchase subscriptio. Who will purchase this subscription will get new usergroup called "Premium Users" and users in this usergroup will have permission as it is normally for registered users.

So In this case I will need to use only one action in emerald which will change usergroup of my users.

Can you suggest any other easier and better way to do this?

Last Modified: 15 Mar 2016

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15 Mar 2016 14:33

This is good way. Find require subscription parameter in Emerald system plugin.

Giorgi625 VIP
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15 Mar 2016 23:01

Thats great I will test this function, how I guess this is what I need.

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