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19 Sep 2021 18:38

Here are my suggestions about Cobalt 9. Some of them maybe already implemented while in development but as we do not have much details what is new and what not let me write everything what I think is good to do in new version of Cobalt.

  1. So First of all we should get rid of mootools. I guess it maybe already done or is in plans because Sergey also mentoned long time ago that he will remove mootools.
  2. Also I think in some fields there are many options and some of them are not needed
  3. about Gallery field, of course it will be good if we get drag and drop feature here and we will be able to view thumbnails in submit page after upload and also option to set main image(like here there is camera icon on images to select main image, or trach icon to remove image) or even to sort images by draging(but this last one is not so important I think).
  4. Video Field also needs update. Youtube videos are not responsive, becasue of this I was forced to create simple alternative template for text field with code I found on internet to be able to insert responsive youtube videos. other options also wish to be better in this field.
  5. Upload field as well is very outdated.
  6. date and time field is very cool but calendar in submit page is really bad looking and customizing it is big pain in the ass.
  7. Notifications is one of my favorite features but when sending notifications to meils it only sends status of notification and title of record. no image or desc for example. will be good if we will be able to create template for email notifications as well, like they did it in Joomla 4 for core emails feature.
  8. One of my favourite features will be if in relations fields will be added extra input for each child and/or parent which will show how they are related. (for example if we have Web developers company. One section is Company employees(which has child field), anotheris projects section. So dthis company has many projects in which there are different roles like team leader, frontend developer, backend developer, designer and so on, but depending on projects this roles may go to different employees so when attaching child items to parent we will be able to insert also 'role' of this child for parent will be cool. another example is if we make Movie catalog, when we attach actors we will be able to use this 'role' option to type name of actors character in movies.)
  9. It is hard to explain in which situations it will be used but will be good if text field also will have + button like it has url field to add multiple values, if it is not hard to implement.
  10. Some reporting feature would be good. as we can see mintjoomla is flooded by spammers last time so it is not easy to find all spammers and block them so will be good to add one more button to bookmark,setting buttons area for reporting this kind of users who post spam posts or comments.
    11.I have chosen Cobalt, because it does almost everything without extra extensions. But I do not like how it is implemented Cart option here. So we need to get Quick2cart or J2store, first is paid but this is not popular extension. While J2store has free version and is quite popular it is not also good option because the way how it is displayed in submit page is disgusting. it is not even close to good user experience. If you know about Gridbox from Balbooa. it is like pagebuilder but I would call it CCK as well because this is much better then any other CCKs on Joomla and not a long time ago they added Store app. I think it can be done for Cobalt as well. yes it is much work but even can be added as paid field I would take a look at this extensions and use some ideas from them.

Since was starced development of Cobalt 9 I had many more ideas but have not write down them so can't remember all of them but if I get more I will write them here.

Last Modified: 16 Oct 2021

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16 Oct 2021 10:37

Boolean field is very useful field but its structure is not good. It's template file content is only this

<?php echo $this->print;?>

So I want to display both icon and value but value in tooltip but I am not able because field output is generated in boolena.php file which is very complex for me and it take much time for me to find what to edit. I figured it out, but it is not good option because after update it will be deleted.

There are many places where code which is responsible for design is in library files or files which could not be overriden so I think this is biggers problem of Cobalt. This is main reason of compatibility issues with newer versions of Bootstrap.

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