Giorgi625 VIP
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29 Jan 2021 12:27

I found that there is different version of Mintmedia pack on Emerald page. Is it only for Emerald? As it is 9.11 version which seams newer then on Cobalt's page does it make sense to use it with Cobalt 8? Will it work? or If user has both extension does he need to isntall both versions of Media pack?

Last Modified: 07 Sep 2021

pepperstreet VIP
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21 Apr 2021 17:36

I've often asked myself too... ;)

The naming convention and version numbers might be confusing, I agree.
As far as I can tell, both are different... but also include some identical items.

Rule of thumb: Use the respective pack from the extensions download area!

One is specific for Cobalt, and the other one is specific for Emerald.
If you use both components, then you can/should install both packs.

If you use Cobalt OR Emerald, you just need to download 1 respective media pack!

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