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10 May 2013 07:32

Can the Emerald 8 Membership extension be linked with the Sobipro Extension?

Last Modified: 02 Mar 2014

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10 May 2013 07:54

Emerald works with any extension.

Please explain what in particular you want to restrict?

10 May 2013 08:29

Thank You for your reply.

It is restricting categories mainly. I just want to be able to list directories from sobipro. Suppose for example I have silver and gold user. Gold should be able to add, list sobipro whereas silver are not allowed to do so.

Can you tell me how does it handles Joomla Group Users in particular?


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12 May 2013 04:01

This is simple. In the plan you will just add cat_id URL variable to restrict by URL.

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