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09 Mar 2012 04:51

Last Modified: 02 Mar 2014

Official Answer

Filed Address & Map combine location and address in one field. When configure this field you may find list of contact fields or links.

If you do not find something that you want to be there, you can easily add any field there.

Create file joomla_root/components/com_cobalt/fields/geo/additional.php.

Now edit it add there 2 arrays

$contacts = array(

    'im' => array(

        'label' => JText::_('Instant Mesanger'), 

        'patern' => '<a href="/ [VALUE]">[VALUE]</a>', 

        'icon' => JURI::root() . 'components/com_cobalt/fields/geo/icons/im.png'


    'skype' => array(

        'label' => JText::_('Skype'), 

        'patern' => '<a href="skype:[VALUE]?call">[VALUE]</a>', 

        'icon' => JURI::root() . 'components/com_cobalt/fields/geo/icons/skype.png'



$links = array(

    'odn' => array(

        'label' => JText::_('Odnoklasniki'), 

        'icon' => JURI::root() . 'components/com_cobalt/fields/geo/icons/odn.png'


    'other' => array(

        'label' => JText::_('Other'), 

        'icon' => JURI::root() . 'components/com_cobalt/fields/geo/icons/other.png'



OK, now you see that you have 2 arrays. One for contact fileds one for links. Of course you need to change icon URL to correct one.

That is it. Now on ther address enter form you will see additional fields.

Or give us information what you want to be added and we will add it next release.

clowride VIP
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09 Mar 2012 07:57

gret when could we test this field please ? :)

clowride VIP
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29 May 2012 15:40

please can you add name and family name in geo and make these fields searchable please ?

pepperstreet VIP
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30 May 2012 02:50

Another topic related to user-registration-data reminded me on ME Registration and Resources Adress field. It was possible to sync them...

It would be nice to have an optional sync with Cobalts Adress field. Which allows to sync Joomla Core fields (plus User-Profile plugin!), named or selected CommunityBuilder, JomSocial etc.

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30 May 2012 04:11

When we start integration with CB and JS we will add this autocompletion from profile data in address fields.

04 Jul 2013 01:41

i want to add a field (type=text, name=house number) at the contact and location tab of buyer listing, and also under tenant listing.

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04 Jul 2013 03:12

There is such field already in address field group. those are address 1 and address 2 text fields. Enable them.

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