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18 Mar 2018 17:07

Hi guys,

is it possible to use DOMpdf with cobalt8 ?

My users need to be able to download thier articles (construction specification forms) and it need to look professional.

How can that be done ?



Last Modified: 11 Jan 2023

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04 Apr 2018 11:10

I think it is possible to integrate. One need craete a plugin and onBeforeRender, take whole HTML and try to create PDF. Is there Joomla integration already? Basicaly this integration should work with any extension.

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11 Jan 2023 07:17

Integration is achievable, in my opinion. In order to convert HTML to PDF, one must first construct a plugin and, using onBeforeRender, attempt to render the whole document. I was wondering whether Joomla integration was already a possibility. This should basically work with any add-on since it integrates with the existing system. dordle

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