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23 Apr 2014 09:38

Hello Sergey

Is is possible that when you apply a filter search on a section page, the filters applied on the page to be added inside the results url ? Because for example we want to display so different modules on the website right side based on those filters

For example if you apply filters for France country, on the right side we want to display some informations regarding that country


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23 Apr 2014 10:26

You will have custom module or records module?

Right now there is not URL indications for filters but there is a way to get it from session state.

jimie VIP
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23 Apr 2014 10:30


On the right side we want to put custom modules, html type, and others, where we place information based on the applied filter


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23 Apr 2014 12:05

In custom module you will use Cobalt API to call list of records?

jimie VIP
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23 Apr 2014 12:42

What we want is that:

  1. People apply a filter search on that page

In first field filter you select country France, and in the second field filter you select a subject lets say Finance

Now when people hit the search button, the result url will be:


What we want to have is something like:


  1. Why ?

Because think if a person do a such filter search on the website and he will want to share that search results information with his friend or in a webpage he can simply copy that link and post it. and then people will see the same results he got

This is very good to have feature because in this way you can win links back from other sites when people will share the content.

Now with Cobalt such thing seams to me imposible.

Can you help us to solve this problem ?

Thank you very much

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25 Apr 2014 06:48

As i have discussed with Yuri we are thinking if this will be possible at all in CObalt 8.

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