progressionsp VIP
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26 Sep 2017 23:26

I'm new to Cobalt, but am having a problem that is probably a user error on my part... I've created a Type with two fields, Created a Section with 2 categories. The categories are marked unpublished, but when I try to publish them, the status does not change. Am I missing something here?

Last Modified: 27 Sep 2017

Giorgi625 VIP
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27 Sep 2017 09:25

Do you have latest version installed?

Please check database: in table "(dbprefix)_js_res_categories" record with ID 1 must be published.

darkhoros VIP
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27 Sep 2017 15:51

Hi, Make sure that you are using latest version. I think you started facing this issue after you upgraded PHP to php 7, is that right?

Any way, you may need to review this post. Regards.

progressionsp VIP
Total posts: 89
27 Sep 2017 20:59

Thank you guys!!!

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