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09 Jul 2015 23:54

I am currently unable to add a sunscription manually. I am able to do it for users up to ID = 42099

But I am unable to select any users below that for some reason? I have tried to scroll down to users with higher IDs than this in various browsers and various ways (selecting with mouse, arrow keys etc), but it wont go below this user ID. Please try for yourself.

I need to set up a subscription for user ID 42296 urgently as they paid but did not get a subscription.

Below is a screen shot of as far down as I can scroll:


Let me know, this is urgent as I have customers on hold who have paid.

Last Modified: 20 Jul 2015

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10 Jul 2015 10:34

I can only suggest to instal something like acesql, create subscription for any user and then manualy edit that subscription in acesql and change user_id

Looks like the reason is amount of select options.

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14 Jul 2015 17:21


I have acesql installed.

Can you please go through the process of how to manaully add a subscription? The commands you would use etc and I will attempt to do this for a user. This will gove me something to follow.

For example user ID that paid that didnt get a subscription it would be: User ID = 42296

Let me know as soon as you can,

Thx Darren

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20 Jul 2015 07:21

First create subscription for admin. Remember ID of the created subscription. Lask column in subscriptions list. Let's say you get subscription 1234 After you create subscription open acesql and sun this

UPDATE `#__emerald_subscriptions SET user_id = 42296 WHERE id = 1234`

That is it.

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