klox7 VIP
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04 Jan 2017 12:17


a quick question. Since Joomla 3.7 will have custom fields in core did you maybe thought about adapting Cobalt fields to work with Joomla articles? Something like a separate suite...


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16 Jan 2017 05:39

Perhaps that would be a good idea. But I did not think about that yet. As my expiriance tels em it is not good idea to make something that deeply based on Joomla. Better to make extensions as independent as possible if you do not want to screw your customers.

26 Jan 2021 08:37


can we create customfields in cobalt?

so that before forum sibmission it gets added to the post?


Giorgi625 VIP
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26 Jan 2021 18:27

Sure it is possible to create custom field. some of them you can find in depot which are created by Cobalt users Click here to link...

You can find whole article about how to create custom field in Documentation Click here to link...

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