klox7 VIP
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15 Jul 2015 10:44


I think I already read about this somewhere but I can't find it anywhere. Is it possible to add Cobalt form to Joomla article?


Last Modified: 16 Nov 2023

pepperstreet VIP
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17 Jul 2015 16:43

Hello klox7,

AFAIK, the submission form display belongs to the component view. There is no plugin to embed a form, nor a form module. Although, you might get "creative" to get a workaround:

  • display a second component area with a 3rd-party extension.
    e.g. Components Anywhere by NoNumber.nl
  • Component in a Module.
    e.g. Modulix by Informafix.fr
  • display the submission form URL inside a modal lightbox. This would keep the user on the same page and context.
    e.g. Modals Pro by NoNumber.nl
  • Depending on your use case, the Cobalt Reviews/Discussion plugin could be interesting as well. If you want to show submissions inside the J! article. Again, the actual submission form could be opened in a modal lightbox. (Modals Pro)

However, there might by a way to render the submission form "programmatically". If you are able to add PHP code into articles or its templates. Question goes to @Sergey !?! ;)

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16 Nov 2023 06:44

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