21 Jan 2017 09:34

Hi, i have 40 videos about physics. i will publish videos in the articles, you know. each video(article) will be 1$/year (for example). some users buy only 1 article, some of them buy 3 or 5 videos(articles), perhaps they buy all of them. i dont want users to direct access to videos. i have my bank pos. i think, you support me about integration.

so, is emerald for me? thanks a lot.

Last Modified: 29 Mar 2021

21 Jan 2017 11:54

Kırgız kardaşlarım bir yardım edin lütfen :)

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24 Jan 2017 05:15

I Emerald might be what you need. Although right now it is not capable of saling individual article. But if you tell me what extensions you are going to use to host those articles, I might add some integration.

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23 Feb 2021 14:29

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15 Mar 2021 22:32

Find out how to create an online education website like Udemy or other learning platforms in this article

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16 Mar 2021 11:57

Building e-learning website can be very beneficial today, because a lot of people nowadays prefer to learn anything, from software development and economy to languages and design, but it is impossible without hiring html coders - only them can help you in building website and optimization of the content on it. Feel free to leave any feedback possible, thank you.

29 Mar 2021 13:26

When you plan to create an e-learning website, it is better start from mvp creation. MVP is the simplest and cheapest way to test demand and to understand how successful your idea is. First of all, check the mvp pricing and duration of its development and compare it with the costs/time of the whole website development.

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