06 Feb 2021 15:14

Hi i would like to clone this website based on forums, it contains jobs, blogs, movies and video games post. it is possible wth cobalt. Currently it is based on wordpress but i need some news tools like an autocomplete field, a relation parents / childs and video field with multi upload possibilities. Community system is not really important for that. thank you so much

Last Modified: 07 Feb 2021

Giorgi625 VIP
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06 Feb 2021 15:24


If you can export content from that site to CSV or JSON format then I think it could be done with Cobalt's Import feature, I have used it many times and it is great tool.

By the way your link says that website is closed for maintaince so I can't see what content you have there.

07 Feb 2021 05:13

oh thank you i submited in wrong section sorry. i 'am going to get online my forum and get back to you.i checked i think i can do everything with cobat except( maybe) for seo.

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