08 Apr 2014 03:22

Hi . I have a problem with Mighty Registration for joomla 1.5 . The registration hangs in validation. What should I do? Should I disable some codes? or something else?

Thank you .

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08 Apr 2014 03:42

First check the browser console for javascript errors. Usually it's a reason.

08 Apr 2014 03:59

Thanks for replay. Honestly I did not understand. What should I do exactly? Where is the browser console? Befor me someone had the same question as me and someone told him you should disable mod_jsc_content_list on the page with registration form. Is it correct? If it's correct how should I do it? thanks.

08 Apr 2014 04:05

Would you like me to put my website's address? If you mind, you can check it. The User Registration is left side of page .But I give you the right address : ;view=user&layout=register&Itemid=297 could you please check it? I do not have much computer knowledge . Thanks .

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08 Apr 2014 08:22

I am not sure but I have been able successfuly register on your site. Please delete my account.

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