08 Apr 2014 03:22

Hi . I have a problem with Mighty Registration for joomla 1.5 . The registration hangs in validation. What should I do? Should I disable some codes? or something else?

Thank you .

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08 Apr 2014 03:42

First check the browser console for javascript errors. Usually it's a reason.

08 Apr 2014 03:59

Thanks for replay. Honestly I did not understand. What should I do exactly? Where is the browser console? Befor me someone had the same question as me and someone told him you should disable mod_jsc_content_list on the page with registration form. Is it correct? If it's correct how should I do it? thanks.

08 Apr 2014 04:05

Would you like me to put my website's address? If you mind, you can check it. The User Registration is left side of page .But I give you the right address : ;view=user&layout=register&Itemid=297 could you please check it? I do not have much computer knowledge . Thanks .

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08 Apr 2014 08:22

I am not sure but I have been able successfuly register on your site. Please delete my account.

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03 Jan 2023 03:17

We appreciate your feedback and reply very much. I have to confess that I was perplexed. In particular, what steps should I take? To what location should I go to see the browser's error history? To fill out the phrazle registration form, you must visit a page where mod jsc content list has been disabled. This leads me to believe that others have had similar thoughts. Is that the case? If this is the case, could you please explain what steps I should take? thanks.

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01 Dec 2023 10:06

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07 Jan 2024 03:59

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