21 Aug 2013 16:09

Is there any tutorial how to import from CSV to Cobalt 8?

Last Modified: 22 Feb 2024

pepperstreet VIP
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21 Aug 2013 19:48

AFAIK, the function itself is still in development. Its already implememted, but in progress. Did you setup the frontend menu item type? That is the most simple, but very crucial part. The whole feature is frontend based!

If you have setup the menu item and access it... the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

A related topic and comments are here...

22 Aug 2013 08:44

I've installed a test site, so i couldn't destroy something. :-)

I have installed exactly the same fields. HTML and Relate Child. I know import to Relate Fields don't work, but HTML should?

I couldn't get to the step where i could map to the fields. Can you take a look at the CSV? Is this ok?

pepperstreet VIP
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22 Aug 2013 15:52

Your file seems to be wrong or is not recognized by Cobalt. I just see everything in 1-line in Cobalt import select boxes. Is it the default export from JSmigrator?

23 Aug 2013 05:45

Yes, you can change delimiter in JS_Migrator. I'll try this and report back. Thanks.

23 Aug 2013 07:07

Your right. With Comma seperated it works, but now i'm get stucked at categories. No matter what i choose there, there are no more fields shown.

27 Aug 2013 08:34

I have adapted the CSV export of JS Migrator so that the some serialized fields (checkbox, Gallery2, Audio, maybe some others) are exported as comma separated values​​. Use at your own risk. make a backup of original csv.php and of course make a backup of your database.

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25 Sep 2023 09:35

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27 Oct 2023 08:46

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22 Feb 2024 03:46

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