Mighty Defender

MightyDefender is a powerful security component for Joomla 1.5 that allows you to protect your site from different attacks, such as PHP injections, SQL injections, Flood and sometimes even from spam. MightyDefender is written completely in Joomla 1.5 native model.

The importance of the site protection is crucial as hacker attacks are growing exponentially in today´s Internet world. Every minute that your site is down, you are losing potential clients, money and information. Getting back your clients’ loyalty or the recovery of lost information can be difficult and sometimes even impossible to accomplish. About 80% of the businesses go bankrupt when they cannot recover the information that was lost.

Component Features

  • Attack events Log
  • Flexible intuitive and user friendly Configuration
  • Add your own protection rules (PREG regular expression format)
  • Block/unblock IPs
  • Block/unblock Users
  • Send email alerts on attack event
  • Add Exceptions
  • Manually block IP, User or referer
  • Protect from SQL injections
  • Protect from PHP injections
  • Protect from Flood Attacks
  • Scan inside uploaded files for potentialy harmful code
  • Extended information on attack commitments
  • SQL scanner condition management
  • PHP scanner condition management

Features Planned For Defender v3

Defender v3 release is scheduled for 2010
  • File modification protection
  • New files protection
  • Check Joomla version
  • Check file permissions
  • Check FTP mode
  • Check php files for vulnerable code
  • Database management (repair, optimize tables)
  • New administrator created alert
  • Users login/logout history
  • Create system restore points (backups)
  • Download restore points
  • Restore system

Things that are good to know

Site owners may not even realize that they are under attack or losing valuable information. The site may continue to function properly even if it has been hacked. It all depends on the purpose of the hack. Sometimes it is hacked just to track your information. Imagine your competitors acquiring your customers´ list. They can use your database later to send newsletters about their own products.

Growing websites attract more visitors everyday and the same with hackers. Besides, your success may become a problem to your competitors. These are the main reasons why security issues become important to your business.

Most people do not realize the commercial value of hackings and their coverage. Hackers have their own bots that surf through the internet and look for potential vulnerabilities. It is an automated process. Hackers can use these processes to spam the forums, redirect visitors or to change PR to another site. This can be very serious.

If you care about security, then Mighty Defender is exactly what you need. This is a type of purchase that you will never regret. Every day that you look at the list of rejected attacks, you will know that you made the right decision.

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