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Inside the package you will find.

With the time we will add more templates to this pack. So the price you pay now, you will get all new templates in update later for free.

Records List

  1. Advanced table template. This template will allow to manage where to display fields in separate column or under title. It adds icons to title labels. Set field to be first column like price or thumbnail.
  2. Timeline. Template based on TimelineJS

Category Select

templates are used on the submission form and allow users to chose category in different way. Very useful when you have a lot of categories.

  1. Smart - template like you have already seen in category when you select related categories and in type when you set category limits. The same way users will be able to select section categories during submission.
  2. Autocomplete - the same as autocomplete field or tags, user autocomplete filters. The same way you can chose categories.

Category Index

  1. Select - Shows select dropdown element.
  2. Vertical Tree - shows like windows folder navigator in file explorer

Rating Templates

  1. Crowns
  2. Fingers 1
  3. Fingers 2
  4. Tick
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