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The field for the selection and status assignment. This field can be used for technical support or forum or feedback system on your site.

This field not only change article label, it also perform number of common actions like comments disable or automatic status change on article viewed by moderator or admin and much more. You even can run your own custom SQL queries on status change.

You or article author can get notifications when status changed.

Core Field Features

Feature Yes
Sortable Yes
Searchable Yes
Filterable Yes
Javascript validation Yes

Specific Plugin Features

  • Set default status
  • Set who can moderate statuses
  • Change status if moderator opens article (for example change to revised)
  • Change status if comment added. For instance article is CLOSED, and if user add comment it set status to OPEN again.
  • You or article author can get notifications when status changed
  • Disable comments on status change. For example you set CLOSED status and comments for this article disables.
  • Set Who Can Choose Status, for example admin and moderator have one set of statuses and user have other set of statuses.
  • Change statuses label according to your logic
  • Choice status icons
  • Run custom SQL queries on status change
  • Change status without edit article


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