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This field is very flexible and can be perfectly used just to enter and show email or/and send mails to entered email, or article author's email or custom email.

For instance if you turn off mail body and set predefined subjects you can use it as "Report this listing".

Another useful feature of this field, you can use it to allow public submission with required email. And then it will be possible to see all records of the same user (email) without user being registers on your site. As addition author may receive some alerts to this email.

Core Field Features

Feature Yes
Sortable Yes
Searchable Yes
Filterable Yes
Javascript validation Yes

Specific Plugin Features

  • Allow/Disallow enter email
  • Allow/Disallow send mails
  • Allow/Disallow enter subject, body, copy, name or email
  • Preset subjects
  • Set who can send emails
  • Allow attachments
  • Different ways to display send form in popup, inline or in slide down box.


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