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Basic JomSocial integration is free and shipped with Cobalt 8. You do not need to instal anything. Just select it in Cobalt global configuration.

Do not forget to publish JomSocial profile plugins and Cobalt JomSocial plugin after install.

Basic integration includes

  1. Avatar in articles and comments.
  2. User name drop-down menu with links to profile.
  3. Personal messages link in user drop-down menu.
  4. Online status.

Advanced integration package includes one Cobalt plugin and 9 identical JomSocial profile plugins.

Jomsocial profile plugins

  1. Integrate one cobalt section into user profile
  2. Integrated cobalt section menu in to user profile

Cobalt plugin

  1. Affect user karma on events.
  2. Activity stream.
  3. User notifications.
  4. Affect karma on different actions.


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