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Free Download!


Calendar pack is a demo section that demonstrate how Cobalt may manage end display events.


Although this pack is free to download it requires Date and Time field to be installed. It is fully based on that field and does not work whitout it. Date time field also installs calendar article list template.


We use very popular public Bootstrap Calendar component to create calendar view. But please do not think that we simple use code of others to sell. This 90 stars GitHub project is developed and supported by us.

Here is the summary of this great component.

  • AJAX based navigation through events.
  • Year, week, month and day views.
  • Includes automatic translation to Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.
  • Change first week to monday or Sunday.

Additional features

  • Show additional events list under calendar.
  • Additional article list template called events. User can switch views between calendar and list of events.
  • Use select field to change events style.
  • Range dates. Select events for few days.


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