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I have created simple field for my site and want to share it with you, maybe for someone it will be usefull.

This module can get content from any webpage which you will type in input field.

Filter option does not work with this field because data is not stored in database, on every page load it is connecting to page from where it gets content and shows it on your site.

From images you can see how I am getting movie rating form Mydramalist.com and showing it on my site. I checked and it also worked for IMDB. I think it may be used in different cases.

It also can get more complex content like images, but if it is provided full path to image including domain, if there is only path from site root it will not show image. you can check last two images where is show how it can get from same page on Mydramalist movie poster and social icons(using div.cover as a tag.class value). of course you will need to add your own class to social icons to make it look good.

I am open to suggestions about this field.

!Notice It requires to enable in your hosting allow_url_fopen



Fix - When script was unable to find on a input url page desired tags it was dispalying error page. Now it will display this text "N/A" as a value if on a provided url is not possible to find desired tag.


21 Apr 2017
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