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Simple field to allow users to upload an image, instead of using the image field. Easy way to avoid your user to have to put the image in the joomla media folder or to choose one in a list.

It is inspired by the Resources picture field and the Cobalt image field. It was developed for COBALT 7, but I do not know if their is some changes on fields in COBALT 8...

This field do not use the uploader like the gallery field do, and allow to upload directly from the form (like Resources picture field). But it is using the mint.resizeimage library to resize the both list and full images, and allow to use a default image (and resize it if necessary).

On form view (input), the user see the file name, a checkbox to delete it and the original image preview.

    Field options :
  • Template on the form
  • Template in the articles list view
  • Template in the article full view
  • Upload Parameters
  • Specific subfolder (of your common upload directory)
  • Maximum Upload size (KB)
  • Attach Timestamp
  • Overwrite on upload if file exists
  • General Parameters
  • Who can download: Allow some user groups to see a link with the original image
  • Allow to set image caption
  • Default image path: Used to define a default image
  • Articles list view
  • Thumbnail width
  • Thumbnail height
  • Thumbnail quality (0 - 100)
  • Resize mode
  • Stretch if smaller
  • Article full vew
  • Image size: Original / Resized
  • Resize width
  • Resize height
  • Quality (0 - 100)
  • Resize mode
  • Stretch if smaller

20130131: Update to correct the field required behaviour.

20130206: Download is now free... after all if it can be useful ;)

30 Jan 2013
Extension Type
Abstrakt Graphics - Christophe CROSAZ
Paris, 75010, France

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