Marketcursos is one of a few sites sites that allows teachers to sell their courses and trainings. Students access to contents of several types (text, audios, videos, conferences) through the site. This is an excellent case where we integrated several concepts in one project: E-Learning, E-Commerce, Consultancy and Web Tuning. We worked on developing this great platform and designs as well, which was done by our creatives. Most features are custom-made using Joomla as framework. It was also necessary to pay attention to key factors like security features, web tuning, SEO optimization and performance. We also worked on a secondary Moodle platform that this client currently holds in addition to MarketCursos.

So the project required to add our own set of custom features, and lots of them were achieved using Cobalt:

  • Course listings: Teachers manage their own courses and attend their students. Students get access to course classes when they pay.
  • Courses contents: Courses includes classes, exams, sales management. Classes and exams are accessed after the student pays for the course. We created a custom field to achieve this feature, which controls the proper payment to grant access to related content.
  • Classes: Classes include text, presentations, videos and audios. We added an integration with a PDF viewer that gives the users the ability to navigate within a PDF file.
  • Exams: Teachers can create multiple choice exams. An exam contains a set of questions with possible answers (being one of them marked as the correct one). In addition, teachers can set a limit on the number of intents per student and the minimum quantity of points to approve the exam. Then, students can start the exam and are presented with a list of questions in random order. Every question is shown with possible answers. If the student approved the exam, then a certificate (cobalt content type) is automatically created and the user is notified to download the certificate (PDF conversion of Cobalt content type using DOMPDF).
  • Teachers get paid on monthly sales: They can create their invoices and access sales reports using the site. This was done with a bit of Cobalt and custom Joomla development.
  • Cobalt Payment Plugins: We altered the native PayPal plugin offered by MintJoomla because we were required to add some custom features for special offers (courses with a special price for a limitted time - overriding normal course prices). We also developed a plugin to integrate natively with Stripe.

More of these sections are private because you have to pay to access to these features, so feel free to check this link for more information and screenshots:



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On: 02 May 2015
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